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Faculty Presentations

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The faculty of the Program in Human Sexuality invite you to explore the latest in sexual health research. PHS faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and research collaborators will present their work at our monthly faculty research presentations.

Join us: Noon-1 pm at PHS, 1300 South 2nd Street, Room 142, Minneapolis, MN 55454.

Reserve your seat today—email phsresearch@umn.edu

April 9, 2014 CANCELED



May 14, 2014

Eli Coleman, PhD
Professor, Director, and Chair in Sexual Health

"Gender Variance: A Cross Cultural Comparison"

Gender variance (GV) and cross gender behavior (CGB) is widespread throughout the world but different cultures place different values upon this behavior. In most parts of the world, GV or CGB is highly stigmatized. However, there are cultures where GV is much more tolerated, embedded into the normative societal structure of gender, and sometimes a revered phenomenon. There has been scant attention to these cultures in the scientific literature. This summary of recent research attempts to fill that gap. This presentation will review findings from a sampling of societies including Mexico (Juchitan), French Polynesia (the Marquesas Islands, the Society Islands), and South East Asia (Thailand and Burma). The presentation will summarize findings and make cross cultural comparisons. The data will be accented with photographs illustrating the lives of the various informants. There are lessons to be learned from cultures where transgender identities are more tolerated in some contexts and less stigmatized compared to those that are more stigmatized. There are significant lessons to be learned from these other cultures which might inform health promotion interventions including individual, group, and structural interventions.

 FM PHS Eli Coleman, PhD
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