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Kathleen Brooks, MD, MBA, MPA

FM RPAP K BrooksAppointment

Associate Professor


Rural Physician Associate Program, Director


Medical education, government health policy, primary care workforce issues


MD, University of Minnesota
MBA, University of St. Thomas
MPA, Harvard University
University of Minnesota North Memorial Hospital Family Medicine Residency

Bio Summary

Brooks directs the University of Minnesota Medical School Rural Physician Associate Program. Previously, she served as the Minnesota medical director for Medicare Part B and practiced family medicine in several settings, including private practice, a community health clinic, and a staff model HMO. Brooks has consulted on physician leadership, leadership within health care systems, and health policy issues for Minnesota Medical Assistance. She is a member of several statewide health policy committees.

Contact Information

A674 Mayo Memorial Building
420 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Recent Publications

Eley DS, Brooks KD, Zink T, Cloninger CR. "Toward a global understanding of students who participate in rural primary care longitudinal integrated clerkships: considering personality across 2 continents." J Rural Health. 2014;30(2):164-74.

Brooks KD, Acton RD, Hemesath K, Schmitz CC. Surgical skills acquisition: performance of students trained in a rural longitudinal integrated clerkship and those from a traditional block clerkship on a standardized exam using simulated patients. J Surg Educ. 2014;71(2):246-53.

Brooks KD, Eley DS, Zink T. Profile of rural longitudinal integrated clerkship students: a descriptive study of six consecutive student cohorts. Med Teach. 2014;36(2):148-54.

Brooks KD. Update on the Rural and Metro Physician Associate Programs: collaborations between community physicians and the Medical School. MetroDoctors. 2012;14(6):23-4.

Brooks KD, Eley DS, Pratt R, Zink T. Management of professional boundaries in rural practice. Academic Medicine. 2012;87(8):1091-1095. doi: 10.1097/ACM.0b013e31825ccbc8.

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