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Macaran Baird, MD, MS

Dr. Macaran Baird




Administration, Department Head


Integration of behavioral medicine into primary care, population-based health, family therapy and chronic illness


MD, MS, University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota Bethesda Lutheran Hospital Family Medicine Residency
(now St. Joseph's Hospital program)

Bio Summary

Baird is head of the University of Minnesota Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. He began his medical career in 1978 as a rural physician and has since held academic positions in Oklahoma; New York; and Rochester, Minnesota. Leadership involvement includes service on the RWJF Depression in Primary Care National Advisory Council and co-chair of the IOM report on health and behavior. Baird recently worked with a multidisciplinary team to develop the Minnesota Complexity Assessment Method©, helping to identify barriers impeding patient care and understand social determinants of health. He currently chairs the UCare Board of Directors.

Contact Information

6-240 Phillips-Wangensteen Bldg
516 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Recent Publications

Baird M, Blount A, Brungardt S, et al. Joint principles: integrating behavioral health care into the patient-centered medical home. Ann Fam Med. 2014;12(2):183-5.

Baird MA. Primary care in the age of reform – not a time for complacency. Fam Med. 2014;46(1):7-10.

Nash JM, Parinda K, Cubic BA, Baird MA. Essential competencies for psychologists in patient centered medical homes. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 2013;44(5):331-42.

Baird MA, Peek CJ, Gunn WB, Valeras A. Working with complexity in integrated behavioral health settings. In: Talen MR, Burke Valeras A, eds. Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Evaluation the Evidence, Identifying the Essentials. New York, NY: Springer; 2013:299-324.

Mendenhall TJ, Pratt KJ, Phelps KW, Baird MA. Advancing medical family therapy through research: A consideration of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods designs. Contemporary Family Therapy. 2012;34(2):187-203.


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