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UMMC Residents

Read what University of Minnesota Medical Center (UMMC) graduates say about their residency experience.

First Year


Maleeha Faisal, MBBS

FMCH Education Residency Smileys Residents Faisal  Medical school: Dow Medical College
Medical interests: Procedures, women's health
Why the Twin Cities? Cleanliness; architecture; diversity; the positive, helping nature of the people
Why UMMC? The day of the interview, I felt at home. I loved the welcoming environment, positive energy, and program dynamics.

Amanda Hinrichs, DO

 FMCH Education Residency Smileys Residents Hinrichs Medical school: Western University of Health Sciences
Medical interests: Palliative medicine and end-of-life care, integrative medicine, reproductive health care, LGBT and intersex health care
Why the Twin Cities? There is so much to like about the Twin Cities. Biking tops my list. 
Why UMMC? I chose UMMC for many reasons. It's an urban, academic family medicine program that serves a diverse patient population. The faculty and staff are supportive, and the program allows residents to explore their interests within family medicine. Also, as an avid cyclist, I couldn't resist a clinic that is situated on the Greenway (bike path). 

Sean Schulz, DO

 FMCH Education Residency Smileys Residents Schulz Medical school: Midwestern UniversityArizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, with special interests in mental health, adolescent medicine, chronic pain, sports medicine, and global health
Why the Twin Cities? It's a diverse place, with a rich culture. The Twin Cities are environmentally conscientious and have bike-friendly paths everywhere. 
Why UMMC? It's an academic residency in a great location, with access to excellent rotations. The University of Minnesota is also nationally recognized for family medicine. 

Sundeep Singh, MD

FMCH Education Residency Smileys Residents Singh  Medical school: Medical University of the Americas
Career goal: Practice family medicine with a balance between inpatient and outpatient care
Why UMMC? I was thoroughly impressed with the faculty and staff during my interview. The facilities were amazing. I really felt like UMMC was a place I could grow both professionally and personally. 

Laurie Townsend, MD, MBA

 FMCH Education Residency Smileys Residents Townsend Updated Medical school: American University of the Caribbean
Career goal: Practice full spectrum family medicine in a community outpatient setting, working with an underserved population
Why the Twin Cities? Supportive family and friends in the area; quality of life and opportunities in the Twin Cities
Why UMMC? I chose UMMC because of the experienced faculty, supportive work environment, diverse patient population, and implementation of best business practices.

Sufina Zayed, MD

FMCH Education Residency Smileys Residents Zayed  Medical school: Saint James School of Medicine
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, including urgent care and sports medicine
Why the Twin Cities? What attracted me most to the Twin Cities is that it's a major metropolitan area with access to nature; the chain of lakes are simply great. The Twin Cities also has major sports teams, which for a fan like me is important. I am also excited about access to the arts. 
Why UMMC? I chose UMMC because of the excellent academic environment, supportive staff, strong curriculum, and close association with the University. It's also located in a culturally diverse community within an urban setting. 

Second Year


Naveen Anantha, MBBS

FM Smileys Res N Anantha Medical school: Osmania Medical College
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, rural medicine
Why the Twin Cities? The lakes, cultural diversity, nice restaurants, great malls, safe neighborhoods
Why UMMC? Friendly residents and great faculty; University of Minnesota affiliation; a challenging and supportive environment; strong curriculum, excellent program infrastructure, and many elective opportunities

Karen Borchert, MD

FM Smileys Res K Borchert Medical school: University of Minnesota
Medical interests: Women's health, holistic medical practices and addressing the care of the whole person
Why the Twin Cities? Walking around the lakes in the summer and skiing around them in the winter; the extensive bike path system extending throughout the metro; the vibrant theater scene
Why UMMC? UMMC has phenomenal clinical faculty that are truly dedicated to education.

Deqa Mohamed, MBBS

FM Smileys Res D Mohamed Medical school: Dow Medical College
Medical interests: Preventive medicine, women's health, underserved populations
Why the Twin Cities? The cities are full of diversity, culture, and lots of opportunities for outdoor activities.
Why UMMC? I chose UMMC because it offers a broad-based clinical education in a stimulating and supportive environment. The program is highly respected. I fell in love with the clinic, faculty, staff, and residents. 

Noor Qureshi, MBBS

FM Smileys Res N Qureshi Medical school: Sindh Medical College
Career goals: I would like to work in both outpatient and inpatient settings.
Why the Twin Cities? I like the people of Minnesota, and the Twin Cities has great access to lakes, parks, the arts, and restaurants. It's a great place to raise kids, with outstanding school choices.
Why UMMC? A supportive environment; highly qualified faculty with varied interests in family medicine; diverse patient population

Jaskiran Sandhu, MBBS

FM Smileys Res J Sandhu Medical school: Dayanand Medical College 
Career goal/medical interests: My goal is to become a competent family physician prepared to face any challenge. I look forward to practicing full spectrum family medicine and have special interests in women’s health, pediatrics, and procedures.
Why the Twin Cities? Cultural opportunities, beautiful surroundings, shopping at the Mall of America
Why UMMC? I couldn’t resist the warm welcome I received from the staff and faculty at UMMC on the day of my interview and again at my second look. I’m excited to be a part of a university-affiliated program.

Adalberto Torres, MD

FM Smileys Res A Torres Gorrin Medical school: Medical School Faustino Perez
Medical interests: Providing care to a variety of patients, especially geriatric patients and those needing emergency care; working with the underserved in both urban and rural communities
Why the Twin Cities? Friendly, hospitable people; the four seasons, especially summer and the colors of spring and fall
Why UMMC? UMMC combines human values and the art of healing. The faculty, residents, and staff give their best with love and professionalism to make everyone who crosses their path feel better and at home. 


Third Year


Carrie Eckstam, DO

FM Smileys Eckstam Medical school: A. T. Still University
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, including obstetrics
Why the Twin Cities? I enjoy spending time outdoors at any of the public parks, especially Lake Calhoun.
Why UMMC? I thought it would be a great opportunity to work with fun, approachable faculty and residents in an underserved area of the Twin Cities.

Jibril Elabe, MD

FM Smileys Elabe Medical school: Somali National University
Career goals/medical interests: OB is the part of residency that I am looking forward to the most. My future career goals include becoming a pioneer family physician, dedicated to educating and addressing community health concerns.
Why the Twin Cities? The Twin Cities are becoming rich in diverse cultures and customs that cannot be found anywhere else in the U.S.
Why UMMC? I chose UMMC because the clinic and hospital are located in the heart of a diverse community, and faculty are committed to educate and serve in addressing community health concerns.

Liban Farah, MD

FM Smileys Farah Medical school: Somali National University
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine, immigrant health
Why the Twin Cities? It is a great place to live and work.
Why UMMC? My desire to work with an underserved immigrant population

Amanda Mayer, MD

FM Smileys Mayer Medical school: University of Wisconsin
Medical interests: Primary care, preventive medicine, community health, the social determinants of health and health care policy
Why the Twin Cities? The huge variety of cultural activities means there is always something fun to do, like visit film festivals, music venues, art museums, and unique restaurants.
Why UMMC? I wanted a program with a supportive learning environment; emphasis on community health; and experienced faculty, committed to both exceptional patient care and resident education. I found UMMC to be the clinic with the most culturally diverse residents, staff, faculty, and patient population in the Twin Cities.

Rashmi Narayana, MBBS

FM Smileys Narayana

Medical school: Chengalpatlu Medical College; Tamil Nadu De Moir Medical University
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine with special interest in obstetrics
Why the Twin Cities? It is one of the best places to live and work in the U.S. It offers a large variety of cultural and outdoor activities.
Why UMMC? I very much liked UMMC when I came to interview. The faculty are not only knowledgeable but also friendly and approachable. The residents and support staff are great to work with.

Gaurav Nigam, MBBS

FM Smileys Nigam Medical school: Government Medical College, Jabalpur, India
Medical interests: Procedures, preventative medicine, urgent care and emergency medicine
Why the Twin Cities? Midwestern hospitality, reflected in the warmth of the people in the Twin Cities; biking trails; lakes; restaurants; hot dish
Why UMMC? I chose UMMC because the faculty were approachable and committed to resident education; the residents were collegial; the curriculum was flexible; and the program was affiliated with the University of Minnesota. After interviewing in 13 different programs from North Dakota to Texas, I was convinced that UMMC would be the best program for me.

Sandhita Saha, MBBS

FM Smileys Saha Medical school: Nilratan Sircar Medical College
Medical interests: Full spectrum family medicine with special interests in women’s and children’s health
Why the Twin Cities? Very green with numerous parks and lakes and the Mississippi River; the Mall of America
Why UMMC? UMMC offered everything I was looking for in a residency—a renowned family medicine program with inpatient training at a big university hospital and outpatient training at a unique clinic; outstanding faculty; friendly residents; and admin staff who are always available to help.




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